Classic Books for Your Awesome Baby

BabyLitBooks are one of my absolute favorite kid items we carry in the store! From Romeo and Juliet to Peter Pan the original @babylitbooks books teach skills to kids using classic books-how amazing! BUT did you know they also have the FULL version of some of the most beloved classic storybooks? And we have ALL 4!

These book are the actual classic story just simplified for your young reader-the absolutely perfect gift for an older child that enjoys story time but is past the picture book stage! Plus, the illustrations are the sweetest! Come and see these and ALL the amazing children’s books we carry (and the plush Mr. Darcy doll is back-just saying… 😁😍) pic via @babylitbooks on Instagram.

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A Home for Your Guacamole

Who could give a crap that guac is extra because that shit goes on everything? At Mainly Gray we have these perfectly sized guacamole bowls for your next party that’s half of an AVOCADO!! (or candy dish, catch-all, whatever!) Tell your friends to supply the guac you will supply the super cute bowl 😁 pic via @giftrepublicltd

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Whisky River Soaps – Smell the Sarcasm

So I don’t know if you’ve noticed but we love all things funny at Mainly Gray. That said, it’s not surprise that Whisky River Soaps have become one of our all time favorite items! Not only are they hilarious but they actually smell amazing! We have over a dozen different scents to choose from (so there’s at least 1 or 3 for every one!)… and after reading the descriptions you won’t want to use any other soap again!

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A Memorial Day Thank You

Special Memorial Day savings at Mainly Gray

I don’t even know where to begin a post about Memorial Day and how to express gratitude to all who have died, served, are serving, have lost someone in military service or still have a love one in the service? I honestly don’t know what to say other than thank you for all you do from the bottom of our hearts. Even that doesn’t sound like enough for your sacrifices in service of our country.
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Fabulous Whimsy Earrings.. Your Ears Deserve These Cuties

Fabulous Whimsy Earrings At Mainly Gray

Ahhhhh! That’s pretty much the word I used for a good 3 minutes when I was looking through these earrings we just got in from @fabulouswhimsy. Seriously they are the cutest! There are so many styles and every single one is hand made! I’m already placing my next order because I love these so much! Hurry in for our Memorial Day ones! (And be on the lookout for our email and post about our weekend sale!) Oh, did I mention these earrings are ummmm oh $7.50! Yeah… I know!

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Super Cool Pyropet Candles Now at Mainly Gray

Pyropet Candles are available at Mainly Gray

Cute little candles with a secret

The next time you are in the shop make sure you take a peek at our Pyropet candles. We carry the cat, bunny, and unicorn and I am obsessed with all 3! Unburned these candles are the sweetest geometric animal candles. Soft colors and eye catching shapes. While burning these candles they start to show their badass side by slowly revealing a metal skeleton underneath.
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